Thursday, 24 July 2014

I'm a lazy person. Therefore, I'm always trying to find ways to do some things with less effort, or in prettier words, more efficiently. I'd like to think of this as some sort of 'self optimization'. Sometimes it works, and sometimes it doesn't really work. And the only way to find out, is to try it out.

Recently, I've been feeling sluggish at work. Could be due to insufficient sleep (totally my own fault). Could be due to lack of motivation. Could be due to spiritual exhaustion (I should take a long break to recharge). Whatever it is, there are still tasks and work to be done, so I just gotta man up and do what I can.

And so, I've done a couple experiments:

  • Experiment 1 - earlier lunch & noon nap
    • typically go out to Subway at 12pm, back in office for 1-hour nap at 12.30pm (when the lights are turned off)
  • Experiment 2 - buy closed-ear headphones
    • got a Sennheiser
  • Experiment 3 - take 10-min breaks at pre-determined time (11am & 4.30pm)
    • get up, and make a cup of tea
  • Experiment 4 - finetune desk layout
    • laptop stand, external keyboard, external monitor, etc
  • Experiment 5 - in planning
    • end all work at 7pm, pack up and go wait in the pantry

The most important factor is still discipline. It is not easy to modify or introduce a new daily habit. I hope to make some of the experiment results into a daily routine that I can consciously maintain ... without much effort of course ...

Thursday, 26 December 2013

Midnight Vociferation

The emotions ran quite unexpectedly high today. I wonder if it's a sign of exhaustion, or worse, a burning out. It seems I'm the type to keep things to myself, instead of letting it all out immediately, and spontaneously combustively, like a giant fireball. If it is metallic, then it'd be a wrecking ball, but I refrain, from making such obvious pop culture reference.

So what got me worked up? Its the attitude of some people who don't seem to put in any effort into their job and expects everyone else to pick it up when the pressure is on. A phone call in the morning, telling me of a meeting at 2pm. I waited in the room for half hour, before I called back, only to be told "Oh, I thought you had already discussed the issue with another guy earlier".

Unfortunately, I'm just an employee, so I'm duty-bound to continue helping him. It really made me rethink if I should work so hard, but then the Catch-22 is that it'll affect the company's image too if I don't. Sigh.

Wednesday, 25 December 2013

Midnight Muses

The chimes rang through the still air. The cold bites into exposed skin. The empty space is unmoving, and oppressive. It is not silent enough to be able to hear my own heart beat, just silent enough to hear my own thoughts raged thunderously behind my closed eyes.

The sleep does not claim me so easily, though my body is more than willing. The soft mattress caresses my tired bones, yet all save a part of me is resisting its embrace. The mind, has a mind of its own.

A thousand things demand attention, a scant resource in these hectic times. A thousand tasks await initiative, if only it has enough importance in the unending hierarchy of things. A yearning for simpler times emerges, to be quickly quashed in practical reasonability. What can we do but continue to live.

Language is failing me. Stuck between two worlds, my mastery of one is slowly decaying, while the other is stagnating. Should I be quiet sometimes, the reason should be thus - that I am lost for words, in languages that I should not be lost in.